Create High Performance

by Growing and Activating

the Collective Wisdom

Team work is becoming more and more important in a world that is increasingly complex and fast changing.  It is impossible for an individual to know all the answers. Today’s game is about building great teams and unleashing its collective wisdom.


To support you with this, we offer state-of-the-art team coaching.

We focus on what’s most critical to you and where you make the biggest impact. Themes could be: improving collaboration, setting strategic direction, creating safety and trust, having productive conflict, reducing toxicity, growing leadership, creating alignment, serving multiple stakeholders, influencing and communication, delivering results, accountability.

Team coaching is not about coaching the individuals but about coaching the team as a whole, as part of the bigger organisation, trusting that the team itself is naturally intelligent and creative.  This is the most effective way to grow performance and capacity in a sustainable way. 

In our approach, we draw a lot on the tools, skills and practices of Organisation and Relationship Systems Coaching (ORSC), which provided the foundation for Systems Inspired Leadership.

We also coach issues between teams. In the end, it is the interplay of teams that will make the difference for organisational success.
As a CEO said: “the problems in my organisation are not in the parts (read: individuals or teams) but in the connections between these parts”.


The coaching starts with a team assessment (interviews, surveys) and the development of a coaching plan.  A typical trajectory takes 6-12 months, with monthly or 6-weekly sessions.  It provides a powerful structured pause to see where the team is in relation to its goals and what needs to change. 

Team building (e.g. when a team is newly formed) or strategic review sessions (e.g. to create alignment within an organisation) are often integral parts of a team coaching trajectory.

Sessions can be face-to-face or virtual or a combination, in English or Dutch.  24/7 support is available for quick questions and updates, emergencies, or sharing of successes.

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"I asked Frank to assist me in a process of leadership team building after a major overhaul of the organisation. Frank has a very personal and pleasant style, creating an atmosphere of trust, calmness, respect and space for everyone to participate. He was able to address and "clean up" problems and challenges from the past while at the same time creating a basis for the development of a new common vision. This process has helped considerably in having the leadership team make a new start after the reorganisation. Frank's personal touch, wide experience and positive attitude can be a great help. I can therefore warmly recommend Frank's involvement in the development of team and individual leadership processes."

“We requested Frank’s help to explore how we work together as a team and how we can further improve. Frank is a very good coach: he tunes in well to your needs, radiates calmness, gives space and time and achieves fast results. As a consequence, our performance has improved. We gained better understanding of how we do things, what is important to us and what we need to work well together. As a result, we are able to better leverage our differences and feel stronger connected. This makes us a better team. I recommend Frank wholeheartedly.”