Become a True 

Systems Inspired Leader


In this leadership development program you will learn the principles and practices of Systems Inspired Leadership, an innovative approach to improve results, collaboration and engagement by tapping the collective wisdom of relationship systems.  It follows the insights of the book Systems Inspired Leadership.


The 20th century paradigm of heroic and individualistic (“the-leader-knows-it-all”) leadership has become obsolete in a world that is increasingly complex and fast changing.  Still many leaders and organisations work from this mindset resulting in unhealthy pressure, overwhelm, stress and isolation.  

A different leadership is needed, one that is able to leverage the collective wisdom of the system and grow shared leadership at all levels of the organisation.  This is called Systems Inspired Leadership, a leadership that creates from the relationship system rather than tells people what to do.  It holds that leadership is a role of the system rather than of individual leaders and invites all employees to step into their leadership.

As a result this leadership is not only more effective and fulfilling but also lighter and less stressful for the individual leader, as you know how to leverage the intelligence and creativity of all.


This is an in-company programme of which the precise content and duration will be tailored to the needs of your organisation. 
Typically we work 6-12 months with you, with focussed interventions at the various leadership levels, including follow-up activities for sustained impact.       

Topics to be covered:

  • Understanding relationship systems and knowing how to work with them
  • Gaining access to the intelligence and creativity of relationship systems and tapping the collective wisdom
  • Dealing skillfully with change in relationship systems and growing the change capacity of your team / organisation
  • Creating systems inspired safety and productive conflict
  • Developing conscious and intentional relationships
  • Creating positivity in relationship systems and addressing toxic communication
  • Experiencing challenging and stressful situations differently
  • Growing as a person and Systems Inspired Leader

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