Grow your Impact

by Living your Purpose

and breaking your barriers

Our coaching puts your aspirations and challenges at the centre, trusting that you are naturally creative and resourceful. 

Where do you want to grow to become more impactful as a busy executive? Delivery through others? Being inspiring? Managing stress and overload? Developing strategic direction? Influencing and decision making?


We often work with executives whose old recipe for success does not work anymore.  What got you here, won’t get you there.

We help you to rediscover what energizes and fulfils you, connect with your purpose and find out what beliefs are holding you back. 

The lens of Systems Inspired Leadership is also powerful here. It invites you to listen to all parts of you, exploring the wisdom of each inner voice as input for a new and inspired vision and more powerful beliefs about what is possible.


Typically a coaching trajectory takes 6 months, starting with a discovery session about who you are and where you want to go. For many this is already very impactful.

In the following sessions we work on your specific questions, as part of the overarching coaching goals. This typically produces powerful insights and experiences as input for further practice and integration after a coaching session. This work in between sessions is key to realize sustained change.   

To accelerate impact, your coaching trajectory can be enriched by additional personality surveys, 360 feedback assessment, VIP Days (including nature walks) and work shadowing (receiving feedback based on realtime observations in the work context).

Sessions can be face-to-face, digital or a combination, in English or Dutch.  24/7 support is available for quick questions and updates, emergencies, or sharing of successes.

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"I enjoyed working with Frank and greatly value his expertise and customized approach, offering both theoretical and practical tools for growth, in a pleasant and open atmosphere. He masters the skills to help me transform my ambitions into tangible change tactics. I recommend Frank to anyone who wants to continuously develop and grow."

"I have experienced Frank as a great coach who’s always available and is fully present with his entire heart and soul. Frank is a very person oriented and empathetic coach. He works with different frameworks and technics but adjust these on the spot based on the specific needs of his clients. He gave me great feedback in a way that resonated best with me. I therefor want to thank Frank for the journey we made together and the great insights and advises he gave me over the past few months. With these new insights and skills I feel better equipped to enter a new phase of my professional life."