We requested Frank’s help to explore how we work together as a team and how we can further improve. Frank is a very good coach: he tunes in well to your needs, radiates calmness, gives space and time and achieves fast results. As a consequence, our performance has improved. We gained better understanding of how we do things, what is important to us and what we need to work well together. As a result, we are able to better leverage our differences and feel stronger connected. This makes us a better team.I recommend Frank wholeheartedly.
Frank was my VP HR during 2009-2014 and he played a significant part in our success. He is able to quickly build trust with business leaders and to deliver a people agenda that enables high performance. He takes a strategic approach and is particularly strong in leadership development, personal coaching and talent management. I have been really impressed by his broad HR excellence offerings and his pro-active approach to continuous improvement to the benefit of the business. It’s great to have him on your team.
Over the last year Frank has been an excellent coach in my journey towards a new role. Franks style and the methods applied helped me to create views from a different perspective. The coaching helped to create more clarity in the choices ahead of me and made it possible to see challenging events more from a positive perspective. I particularly like the simple ‘tools’ provided that helped recognizing my internal drivers and helped visualizing / articulating things that are normally hard to articulate.
The coaching sessions by Frank Uit de Weerd were a very valuable experience. Large part of the sessions were focused on how to deal with the uncertain times my team is going through after the announcement of the move from Rijswijk to Amsterdam which will potentially uproot al lot of personal lives. Frank forced me to look at the issue from different angles which was very helpful for this specific case but also provides an approach how to deal with difficult issues/discussions (my weak point). In addition, the referral to the YouTube video “the smell of the place” confirmed my views on how I am running my team, management as support and enablers as opposed to a top down approach. Very inspirational.  
In his coaching Frank has the gift to put people at ease, creating a safe environment  to explore a deeper layer of behavioural challenges you are facing, leading to valuable insights. He guides you to ways to deal with the challenges by letting you focus on your inner strengths and applying those in an even stronger manner. At the same time you experience sufficient probing and challenging from him to actually experiment with the outcome of the coaching sessions. Useful tools and information are offered to keep the “coaching impact” alive beyond the coaching trajectory.
Over a period of 10 months I have had the opportunity to be coached by Frank Uit de Weerd with the objective of personal improvement with relation to work related activities. It has been an enjoyable and rewarding experience. The opportunity to push the boundaries and look at ways to improve is challenging but the rewards are very worthwhile. I valued the time and effort that Frank gave to meeting the objectives and if the opportunity is available for other colleagues I would say take it but remember that to gain the maximum benefit the participant must also put effort into the task. Excellent coaching techniques to achieve the desired results.
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